Globalization Position Paper

The Globalization Task Force (GTF) of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) explores pro-feminist, lesbian-, gay-, bi and transgendered-affirmative, and anti-racist alternatives to the ongoing injustices of elite-led globalization that disproportionately harms marginalized and impoverished communities. As citizens of the global community, we affirm our inherent interconnectedness and shared fate with all peoples and all life on the planet.

As residents of the United States, we recognize the privilege of our social location and seek to ally ourselves in solidarity with residents of the global south by increasing the awareness of other privileged residents of the U.S. to global inequality.

Since NOMAS focuses on the positive transformation of masculinities, the GTF exposes the ways the social construction of masculinities informs destructive forms of globalization. In tandem, GTF supports efforts that envision and enact positive modes of masculinities at the individual, organizational, national, and global levels that make globalization egalitarian, diverse, accountable, people-centered, and sustainable.

We believe this can best be achieved through the democratization of gender relations at all social levels. Scholar Bob Connell says, "Democratic gender relations are those that move towards equality, non-violence, and mutual respect between people of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities and generations."

The goals of GTF are to:

  • Produce a periodic position paper that outlines GTF's stance on key current global issues.
  • Create resource lists and educational materials for web-based and person-to-person dissemination, as well as media and organizational outreach.
  • Serve as a resource base for fulfilling NOMAS requests for workshops, trainings, presentations, academic resources, etc. that deal with issues of globalization.
  • Sponsor workshops and presentations for the annual NOMAS M&M conference and Men's Studies Association gathering in order to encourage dialogue around globalization issues and to keep the work of the GTF a central part of NOMAS.