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Men's Culture

by Sidney Miller

The true meaning of a social movement is not found in official pronouncements, constitutions, or minutes of meetings... nor in the dry words of historical or social analysis. Rather, one must look to the prophetic visions and landscapes of the writers, artists, and musicians who lived that experience, for a human record of the stormy Mondays and melancholy Tuesdays of that collective journey.

Our lives as men have so often moved forward in isolation and loneliness, within the cruel walls men have erected between each other.

Racial Intervention Story Exchange (RISE)

I have recently developed a Web Repository - The Racial Intervention Story Exchange - where students, teachers, employees, managers, and other concerned people can exchange stories of the ways in which they have intervened across racial lines. When European Americans consider racism in the US, they often think of the KKK and skinheads, but what dominates the attention of many people-of-color are what Lauren Nile calls the "Daily Indignities," the relentless episodes of mistreatment that they are subjected to by shop-keepers, police, airline agents, and others in the commercial sphere.

Male Sexuality: Moving Beyond the Myths

When I began teaching Christian ethics in the late 1960s, I found Helmut Thielicke’s The Ethics of Sex particularly helpful. It explained to my students the logic, if not the validity, of the traditional "double standard" in sexual morality. Accepting Thielicke’s "orders of creation" argument, I taught that women invest more of themselves in sexual relationships than do men.

NOMAS Endorses the NY Model for Batterer Programs

After years of exploring a wide range of batterer program models, the National Council of NOMAS has given its full support to the New York Model for Batterer Programs (www.nymbp.org). This model was determined to be most in keeping with NOMAS principles and beliefs about sexism, domestic violence and batterer programs.

Batterer programs, created in the mid 70's, were originally designed to "treat" offenders.

Homophobic Hate Crimes Reports Rise in the US

By Jessica Green

Reprinteed with permission from www.PinkNews.co.uk

Statistics from the FBI have shown an 11 per cent rise in reports of homophobic hate crime across America in the last year.

The data, released yesterday (November 23, 2010), shows an overall rise of two per cent for all hate crimes, but this was markedly higher for anti-gay incidents and also for hate crimes based on religion, which rose nine per cent.

It shows that 7,783 hate crimes were voluntarily reported to the agency by participating law enforcement agencies, involving a total of 9,691 victims.

A majority (58 per cent) of the 1,706 victims targeted for their sexual orientation were gay men.

Roughly a third of the cases were physical attacks, another third were intimidation and the remaining third were vandalism or property damage.

The FBI has cautioned that year-to-year comparisons are difficult due to the change in the number of law enforcement agencies which chose to participate.

The number of participating agencies rose by 449, or 3.4 per cent, versus the prior year.

A Request to Men's Organizations and Allies for Support of Protective Child Custody (with Spanish & French Translations)

From the NOMAS Child Custody Task Group

Male supremacist groups (“Father’s Rights”) have caused unspeakable harm to our country and to our children by encouraging abusive fathers, often with little past involvement with their children, to seek custody as a tactic to pressure a mother to return or to punish her for leaving.

Video records NOMAS-Boston supply drive for DV shelters

NOMAS Boston, the Boston Chapter of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, holds their annual supply drive for local domestic violence shelters.  Putting together a wish list of items needed by the shelters, the coordinated effort entailed setting up stations in front of grocery and department stores to collect donated items and create teachable moments for the community.

Watch the YOUTUBE.com video by clicking here.