Male Sexuality: Moving Beyond the Myths

When I began teaching Christian ethics in the late 1960s, I found Helmut Thielicke’s The Ethics of Sex particularly helpful. It explained to my students the logic, if not the validity, of the traditional "double standard" in sexual morality. Accepting Thielicke’s "orders of creation" argument, I taught that women invest more of themselves in sexual relationships than do men.

Men's Culture

by Sidney Miller

The true meaning of a social movement is not found in official pronouncements, constitutions, or minutes of meetings... nor in the dry words of historical or social analysis. Rather, one must look to the prophetic visions and landscapes of the writers, artists, and musicians who lived that experience, for a human record of the stormy Mondays and melancholy Tuesdays of that collective journey.

Our lives as men have so often moved forward in isolation and loneliness, within the cruel walls men have erected between each other.

Racial Intervention Story Exchange (RISE)

I have recently developed a Web Repository - The Racial Intervention Story Exchange - where students, teachers, employees, managers, and other concerned people can exchange stories of the ways in which they have intervened across racial lines. When European Americans consider racism in the US, they often think of the KKK and skinheads, but what dominates the attention of many people-of-color are what Lauren Nile calls the "Daily Indignities," the relentless episodes of mistreatment that they are subjected to by shop-keepers, police, airline agents, and others in the commercial sphere.

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