"Teach us to Sit Still": Coming Home after the Undoing Racism Workshop

"Teach us to Sit Still": * Coming Home after the Undoing Racism Workshop**

by Phyllis B. Frank and Gail Golden

Many of us fortunate enough to take the Undoing Racism Workshop have described it as a transformative, life changing experience. For many participants, it gave us the first true understanding of systemic racism and its deep roots in our society.

NOMAS Joins with NY- NOW to Celebrate the Legacy of Betty Freidan

Just over 50 years ago, in a house near here where we stand, a woman in her mid-30’s, Betty Goldstein Freidan, struggled in isolation, against impossible, ancient, even invisible glass-ceiling barriers, to write a book which in turn would ignite a blaze, that would finally change the world. But in the beginning, in this beautiful spot beside the Hudson, her path was steep, lonely, and up-hill.

Men for Women’s Choice

Like an ever-growing number of men around the world, we think that women should control their own bodies. We hold these truths as deep moral beliefs. All humans should have the right to autonomy and bodily integrity. For women and men, this often means the same thing, but for women it has an additional meaning: the ability to make choices regarding whether she will bear a child.

We believe that no man should be able to force a woman to bear a child she does not want.

Battered/Formerly Battered Women: Position Paper

The Battered and Formerly Battered Women's Caucus of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence call upon all Battered Women's Projects, Organizations and Workers to stop using clinical language, and mental health/social work models in their work with Battered Women and Children. These approaches were embraced to gain respect and support for the battered women's movement, but they have failed to do so.