Manufacturing Consent – Is It Rape?

by Ben Atherton-Zeman--August 2006


Men's Violence Against Women

by Christopher Kilmartin


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and too often we see domestic violence and rape defined as “women's issues." Since men do the vast majority of the damage, I think it's a men's issue.

I'll begin with a story, not a very happy one, to set the tone.

Taking Sexual Harassment Seriously

by Barry Shapiro


            - San Francisco: Irene Sanchez hurries to catch the corner trolley. The four young men emerging from the donut shop across the street notice her, and give out a chorus of catcalls. Irene appears calm. She's not.


   - Boston: Helen Tobias scowls as she leaves her teaching assistant's office.

10 Major Unresolved Issues Within the Anti-Pornography Struggle

A challenge to the feminist anti-pornography movement has been a lack of consensus about key issues and goals.  The NOMAS National Task Group on Pornography & Prostitution has developed a list of ten such unresolved issues (see below).  We seek to encourage